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Business Analyst

Clinpharma Clinical Research LLC is seeking a business analyst with 0-1 year experience, with bachelor

degree in Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management or related fields.


The candidate’s job duties include:

 Use statistical methods to collect, manage and interpret business data that assists and supports

decision making, policy formulation and other managerial function on the company’s consulting

projects and related services;

 Identify performance measures and operational problems, analyze and make recommendations

to improve business performance measures by applying related techniques;

 Perform financial analysis, prepare and analyze financial reports, and assist in business


 Prepare documents and diagrams/charts to illustrate and describe company business


 Research and analyze factors influencing profitability and internal/external risks, and perform

risk assessment;

 Compile financial data, prepare projection reports and make recommendations;

 Document findings, reports and proposals.


Please send resume to :

Clinpharma Clinical Research LLC, 1000 N. West Street, Ste 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801