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Clinpharma Clinical Research LLC is looking for a full-time Statistical Analyst. The candidate will join our technical team and work on the assigned project by this company. As a Statistical Analyst, the candidate  job duties include but not limited to:

· Analyze   and  interpret   statistical   data,  prepare   data  for  processing, plan data  collection methods for specific projects, and report results of statistical analyses;

  • Develop and validate Tables/Listings/Figures to conduct statistical analysis on various clinical studies;
  • Review  data specifications of analysis datasets for both trial level datasets and project level pooled datasets;
  • Provide statistical solutions on both trial level and ISS/ISE intergrated level according to specific analytical purposes;
  • Manipulate various  data aspects of the whole clinical trials as well as raw data checking and cleaning based on CRF pages;
  • Design  and implement  SAS Macros to facilitate the analytical process during which similar or batch  of results  are needed;
  • Work on various  ad-hoc requests from the NDA submission team as well as for publication  purposes, provide  high quality  results  by conducting statistical analysis in SAS  and generating TFL displays;
  • Regularly  meet with director  and statisticians to update working status and discuss details  on how to deal with specific NDA requests;
  • Work on multiple  studies  and projects at the same periods; coordinate with other statistical  analysts and Biostatisticians in the team.

The position requires that the candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Statistics, Biostatistics, Operations Research or related fields. Master’s degree is highly preferred. The candidate must have solid knowledge in SAS programming and statistical data analysis for the clinical trials study.

Send resume to Clinpharma Clinical Research LLC, 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801